Dan Quayle, Barrack Obama and Poverty in America

by John Baker,                                                                                                                                      guest author

Dan Quayle

In 1992, more than 20 years ago, then Vice President Dan Quayle warned us against the growing issue of unwed motherhood, as celebrated at the time in the CBS comedy series Murphy Brown.  As I recall, he was skewered by Hollywood and the left leaning media as a buffoon…a right wing mental light weight who was out of touch with modern society.

Fast forward 21 years…

Over this year’s Thanksgiving Holiday, I picked up my niece’s college economics text-book and began to thumb through it to see what B.S. the leftist professors were pushing on today’s impressionable youth.  To my surprise, there was a discussion on poverty in America and its drivers.  Unwed motherhood was referenced as one of the highest correlative factors as it relates to poverty in the United States.  It went on to say that there has been a 10 fold increase in unwed motherhood in this country since the 1960s and that we had 15 times the rate of unwed motherhood as Japan.


Earlier this week, in a likely attempt to distract attention from the disastrous roll-out of his imploding healthcare law, President Obama made a speech concerning the widening income disparity in the USA.  He described it as the “defining challenge of our time”.  On this issue, I am in complete agreement.  I believe that the problem is so acute, that it will eventually bring great, if not fatal harm to our country if we fail to take immediate and effective action to reverse the current trend.

However, I do differ with the President concerning the causes of, and solutions to income disparity.  His approach, as always, is to chastise the financially successful; entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, etc., for their greedy ways and to push for more income re-distribution.  It is the same old tired and flawed song sung by socialists throughout history.  No mention of freeing the capitalist system from the government’s shackles of excessive taxes and regulation which would enable economic growth.  No mention of a government-run education system that isn’t keeping pace with the changing job opportunity landscape in the country or the dramatic rise in single parent families and the resulting impact on poverty.

Later in the week I read an analysis presented in “The Federalist” which supports Dan Quayle’s concerns with unwed motherhood.

Child Poverty

Marriage Drops the Probability of Child Poverty by 82 Percent!

Chart retrieved from:


In retrospect, maybe Dan Quayle wasn’t such an ignorant out of touch right-wing buffoon after all.  Given the perspective provided by the intervening two decades, he looks more like a visionary prophet than a buffoon to me.

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